Bruce Springsteen Sings Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

There are Christmas songs that have stood the test of time and we still listen to them today, even though they were written more than a century ago. At times, however, a popular singer will perform one of these Christmas songs and it becomes a part of our holiday tradition that lasts for years and years.

That was the case with Bruce Springsteen, who performed this song live in 1971. Not only did he do a fantastic job of it for the audience back then, he did something that all of us remember every year when we hear it on the radio.


Ralph Kramden Goes Golfing

Although it was aired back in 1955, The Honeymooners continues to be a show that makes people laugh down to this day. After all, it starred Jackie Gleason, and he is perhaps one of the funniest men that ever lived. In this episode, he had lied to his boss and told him he was an excellent golfer but he had never been golfing in his life!

His friend Ed Norton decided he was going to help him to learn how to play the game, and what took place is one of the funniest scenes that has ever occurred on television!


Madonna Sings Imagine in Paris

Madonna had a concert the night after the terrorist attacks in Paris and she was not about to let such a despicable act stop people from enjoying their lives. After all, that is one of the reasons for terror attacks, to strike fear in the hearts of people and to disrupt their lives.

A month after the terror attacks occurred, Madonna returned to Paris and she sang John Lennon’s Imagine. This song has moved people for generations since it was written in 1971 and today, it continues to move people who are going through difficult times in their lives.


Teaser Video for New Full House Show

Many of us grew up watching Full House on TV and even when we got older, the reruns continued to fill our days. Now, it is time for us to begin enjoying this show again, not by watching the old show, but by watching the new one!

This video is the first official teaser for the spinoff of the Full House series, “Fuller House.” It Involves DJ Tanner and she is back to raise her family with a little help from Kimmy Gibbler, her best friend. Best yet, it takes place in the same house were the original show aired, and I have to admit, I’m extremely excited!


Family Takes Action after Bullying Turns Violent

Bullying is a problem that many of us face in our life but at times, it can get quite serious. That was the case with this young girl, who had been bullied for quite some time but eventually, it turned violent. She was assaulted in the hallway at school and ended up in the emergency room for hours with a broken nose, broken tooth, deviated septum and black eye.

Now, the family is suing those involved with the bullying, as well as the guidance counselor for the school. Although bullying may never completely stop, this type of bullying must be stopped immediately.


Young Girl Suspended Indefinitely for Her Hair

A 10-year-old girl has been suspended from school indefinitely, but wait to you find out why! Apparently, she was at a sleepover with some friends and they dyed her hair with blue Kool-Aid. That was the reason for the suspension, because her hair was now blue and the school administrators felt that it was disturbing the rest of the class.

Although we understand that there are times when children must be disciplined, this is going above and beyond! Not only is it setting a precedence that is rather unusual, it could affect this young girl for the rest of her life.


Homeless Man Sets up Christmas Tree

We may not give much thought to what homeless people do on Christmas, but like many of us, they may have spent their childhood celebrating it. Perhaps that is why this man set up a Christmas tree outside of his tent to celebrate the holiday.

Unfortunately, the city considered the tree to be a code violation and took it away right in front of him to destroy it. That is when the people in the city rallied around this individual and you will be quite touched with what happens when people come together.


Father and Baby Alone for First Time – Adorable

The life of a mother is often quite rigid but from time to time, she needs to let go of the steering wheel and allow the father to take over. When that happens, there is no telling what might take place at the house but in this video, you get a look behind the scenes and it is absolutely hilarious!

Although many of the methods used by this father may be out of the ordinary, some of them are quite ingenious! Watching this video will certainly make you laugh but it may also spark some ideas of how to better care for children as well.