This War Veteran Is Invited To The Stage By P!nk. When She Says Who He Is, The Crowd Reacts

Have you ever heard the expression, not everything is as it seems? When we know someone but only from a distance, we often tend to judge them by what we see. It isn’t always that we are judging them poorly, we just don’t seem to always have the correct story.

When you do learn what is actually happening and the veil is pulled back, it is often something that takes us by surprise. The problem is that most people are not willing to go out on a limb and let us into their personal lives. P!nk is one of those individuals who just seems to have a natural talent and she uses it to make other people happy. After all, who of us doesn’t enjoy music? Something else that many of us have come to appreciate about these singers is the fact that there always seems to be a backstory. In fact, it is often the story behind their success that is most interesting but we rarely get to take a peek behind the scenes. P!nk is someone, however, who gave us more than a passing glance at what was behind her success.

This event took place in New York City and P!nk was putting on a show for her fans that they were loving. If you have ever been to one of her concerts before, you know just how powerful it can be. It is not only the music, it is the commentary and you really get a feeling as if she is singing to you and not a large audience.

P!nk had a special surprise for those at this concert, she invited a very special guest out on the stage. When the crowd found out who he was, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

The man that came out was her father and, according to her, was also an inspiration for what she chose to do with her life. Perhaps one of the most interesting things is that it was the first time he had performed in front of an audience.

We have always enjoyed listening to P!nk and now that we have seen behind the scenes, we love her even more.

You can watch her singing with her dad below:

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