This May Look Like An Ordinary Gorilla But Wait Till You See Him Stand On His Feet

There is something about going to the zoo and watching the gorillas that just puts a smile on our face. Perhaps it is the fact that they share a lot of the same traits as humans or maybe, it is because we might think we see a family resemblance to one of our siblings (joking). One gorilla is doing more than giving people a passing smile at the zoo, he’s giving them something to talk about. In fact, when you see this video, you can’t help but talk about them as well.

His name is Ambam and his home is the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. He is a silverback gorilla, a strong, intelligent animal that sometimes has a cranky streak. It isn’t unusual that he is a beautiful creature but what is unusual is that he can stand on his back legs and walk like a man. Not only is it amazing to see, you might do a double take because he has mastered the art of walking so successfully.

This silverback gorilla is getting a lot of attention and people are coming from around the world to see Ambam do this amazing trick. As it turns out, it may not be a trick at all but rather, it could be a matter of this silverback gorilla imitating the people who are around him on a regular basis. He didn’t get any coaxing to start walking this way, he just stood up one day and started doing it.

People are coming from around the world to see Ambam and it is expected that even more people are going to come visit in the upcoming months. It’s little wonder, because it is not every day that you see a silverback gorilla walking on his hind legs like a man.

In the video shown below, you might just think that there is a little bit of monkey business going on but this gorilla is completely serious about walking. In fact, he is doing it so much that it is almost as common to see him walking like a man as it is to see him walking like a gorilla!

You can watch him in this video:

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