A Father Tells His Baby ‘No Crying’ But The Internet Is Having A Heart Meltdown Over Her ComeBack

Although we may experience many beautiful things in life, there is nothing quite like the experience of having a child. From the moment that they enter into our world, we will never be the same and they continue to enhance our lives from that point forward. Some people say that children can be difficult and I’m not saying that they can’t be a challenge from time to time. When you really stop to weigh all of the good and bad, however, you quickly begin to realize exactly how precious they are and you would never even think about living life without them.

One of the challenges that many parents face is a crying baby. Some may have colic, others may just be fussy and sometimes babies cry for no apparent reason. As a parent, we try to take good care of our children and when they are crying, we do our best to console them. This father seemed to have taken a different route and he is having a heart-to-heart with his little girl. In fact, this is probably only going to be one of the first of many conversations that this father has with his daughter.

The father begins asking the daughter why she is crying. Apparently, she had been crying for no good reason and the father is trying to get to the bottom of it. At first, the baby girl was just staring at him, probably trying to figure out exactly what he is saying. It isn’t long before her comeback becomes apparent and the Internet is falling in love with her.

Sometimes we will talk to young children and we may even do so, almost as if we expect to get an answer from them. Of course, parents recognize the fact that very young children are not able to talk back but they will be able to do so before you realize it. Having conversations with your baby in this way is a great way to help them learn and master the English language.

The smile on this girl’s face is enough to melt anyone’s heart and there is no doubt that these parents are proud of their little girl. If you think these pictures are cute, just wait until you see the video! You can watch it here:

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