Harry Styles And James Corden Have An Issue With Singing

Many of us suffer from problems that may be different from each other but they do have something in common. When we stop to think about them, they really are an obsession and we may take part in them at the most unusual moments. Sometimes, our obsession seems to fit right in and at other times, it may happen at the most inappropriate moment. Through it all, however, we seem to hang on to those obsessions and we may even love them.

It seems as if James Corden is in the same boat as the rest of us, as he and Harry Styles have an obsession and we are able to enjoy it throughout this video. The obsession is singing and it seems as if they just can’t help themselves when the mood strikes. Even when the occasion is totally inappropriate for singing, they break out in song.

This video is just another example of how James Corden can make us laugh. Most of us are familiar with some of his more popular bits from his late night talk show. One of those clips is Carpool Karaoke, and we have seen James driving around town, singing songs with some of the most famous singers of the day. Those singers included such famous faces as Adele, Elton John and Madonna. Sometimes you just need to wonder who he is going to be with next. That is why this video with Harry Styles should not take us by surprise.

Although we might not be surprised to see James Corden singing with Harry Styles, we might be somewhat surprised at where they do it. In the end, it is just a funny clip but we probably see ourselves and the obsessions we have.