A Cranky Old Man Keeps Throwing Away Brand-New Items But Then His Neighbors Realize Why

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have neighbors and sometimes they are not necessarily everything they are cracked up to be. Some of them are absolutely perfect and we couldn’t imagine living near anyone else. Others, however, may have a different exterior and it is one that is not necessarily our favorite when we have to see them on a day by day basis.

Some of those neighbors may be a little cranky and they may tend to frown when they are out and about. When we are outside coming in and out of our home, they might stare out the window at us and it just seems that everything that takes place in the neighborhood gets on their nerves. They are the type of people that you don’t want to cross paths with because you know that it’s going to be an uncomfortable situation.

During the holiday season, it’s good to stop and realize that even the person with the most grumpy exterior still has some compassion that is beating in their heart. The grumpiness is often just a shell that tends to keep people away and that is what is obvious in this Christmas advertisement. It is an ad for Farmers Department Store, but it is one that is melting hearts everywhere on the Internet.

Many of us tend to judge people by what we see on the outside and this ad shows something interesting from the start. The old man is looking out the window, seemingly annoyed at everything that is taking place outside.

Inside of that grumpy old man, however, is a compassionate and giving heart and he is a Secret Santa too many around him. One of his neighbors was upset about a coffeemaker that her son broke but the man buys her a new one. He doesn’t give it to her directly, he makes it look like he is throwing it away and asks her if she wants it instead.

Another neighbor is out in the heat with a baby and trying to keep herself cool when the grumpy old man brings a fan out and makes it seem as if he is throwing it away as well.

The best part about his efforts is that they were totally hidden, except for the little boy who lives in the house next door. He is about to turn the tables on this secret Santa.

When Christmas Eve arrives, the little boy next door pays it forward and gives that “grumpy old man” something special. The neighborhood has no idea what is about to happen.

The old man receives a surprise as well and the video shows us just how important it is to be kind to everyone.

You can see how things turn out in this holiday commercial.