A Donkey Faces Off Against 5 Huge Clydesdales And Makes The Best Move Ever

Most of us don’t have to think back very far to remember a time in life when we wanted to be something more than what we were. At times, it could’ve been very motivational and may have pushed us beyond our normal limits. At other times, we simply gave up after trying or perhaps we didn’t even try, recognizing that it was a futile effort.

You’re going to see something very familiar if you ever faced that situation in this video. It is of a donkey who is coming up against some Clydesdale horses and he is doing so for the most amazing reason ever. He wants to be a Clydesdale and work with them in a commercial but regardless of what he tries, he continues to fall short of the mark.

It was on one day, however, that this donkey got his interview with the Clydesdales. When you see it taking place, you may laugh at the fact that he is so small compared with them but he has Clydesdale in his heart. He is asked why he wants to join them and he brays loudly. Suddenly, you get to see something amazing and that is the fact that he was able to work with the Clydesdales and was even out in front of the pack. There is no doubt that he is happy with his situation and you will cheer when you see it.

This video is more than just an adorable show about animals. It truly shows us that, regardless of what it is we are facing in life, there is going to be a possibility that we will be able to come up against it and even go beyond it. All of this, thanks to one little donkey that would not give up.