Sia’s Chandelier Is Nailed By Puddles Pity Party, A Sad Clown

Many of us have a rather unusual reaction when we see a clown. For some of us, it may be laughter that first comes to mind, as we may think about them being funny or perhaps a time when we saw them at the circus. Other people, however, may have quite a different reaction, especially considering the clowns that have been terrorizing people in recent months.


When this particular clown stepped out onto the stage of a rather popular talent show, nobody really knew what to expect. His name was Puddles, and he was a rather sad clown. In fact, his stage act is known as “Puddles Pity Party,” and people probably weren’t expecting too much when they first saw him. That was about to change, however, when he started singing.

Puddles chose for his song Chandelier, a song that was made famous by Sia. More than likely, you have heard the song many times before and you might have even seen Sia on talk shows or perhaps some of her videos. She seems to be rather unusual in the way that she looks but it was nothing compared to Puddles, who was taking the stage by storm and surprising everyone with his fantastic singing voice. In fact, he absolutely nailed the song and it was amazing to see him performing in front of the judges. Our only regret was the fact that the song was over too quickly.


It seems as if Puddles is not a newcomer to the stage. In fact, he has even done quite well performing in other areas, and he is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have an interesting stage presence and a great singing voice, he is even 7 feet tall!