Ed Sheeran Tells His Drunk Justin Bieber Story During This Hilarious Carpool Karaoke

The late night talk shows always provide something interesting to watch. Since I was old enough to stay up and watch those shows, I always had a favorite and I never missed it. For a long time, my favorite was Johnny Carson and I have always enjoyed watching David Letterman. As they say, however, times are changing.


In today’s world, there are new hosts on the scene, including one that really stands out above the rest. This is not only true because of his interviews and the ability he has to put his guests in a talking mood, he also has plenty of great skits that are quite entertaining on their own. That is the case with what is perhaps the greatest of all of those skits, carpool karaoke. It is one that I never miss.

Of course, I’m talking about James Corden, and he is quite amazing in his late night abilities. Since he got the carpool karaoke skit started, we have seen him entertaining his guests and us in amazing ways. Some of the superstars that he has had on the show since the beginning include Madonna, Sia and Elton John. In this skit, he brings on Ed Sheeran for a ride around the city. This one is destined to be one of the greats, especially when they kick things off with a fun rendition of the hit, “Shape of You.”


You may have seen your share of late night TV but until you see Ed Sheeran riding around the city singing with James Corden, you haven’t see it all. This is going to be a skit that they show for a very long time but remember, you saw it here first.