Her Father Passed Away Before The Wedding. But When The Groom Turns Around To Show His Shirt? TEARS!

Our wedding day is the day that many of us look forward to with keen anticipation. By the time the day actually arrives, everything has been planned multiple times and reviewed to the point where we expect the day to be perfect. At times, weddings may even be planned for months or perhaps even years before they take place. When the day finally arrives, there are certain things that many of us look forward to as the highlight of the day and our life.

One of those special moments is when the bride gets walked down the aisle by her father. She then will have a dance after the wedding known as the father daughter dance. These special moments will create memories that will last for a lifetime and it is a part of many traditional weddings and will be for many years to come. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go as planned as well.

Shannon was planning her wedding and she was dreaming of the possibilities of being walked down the aisle by her father. She also looked forward to that special dance that they will share together. The unfortunate reality in Shannon’s life, however, was that her father was diagnosed with cancer. Before the wedding day came up, her father had died as a result of the cancer and she came to realize that she would not be able to share those special moments with him. That is when her husband to be decided that he would do something special for her.

At times, some of the things that we experience during the wedding are a complete surprise. That is what this husband did for his wife on their wedding day, and it was a surprise so fantastic, it’s a wonder that he was able to keep it to himself.