He Sent A Box To A Girl In The Philippines But After 11 Years He Gets A Warning From Her

Many of us enjoy giving things to others and we may do so, just because it seems as if it is the right thing to do. This type of giving can have an amazing effect on those who give the gifts and at the same time, it can also have a powerful effect on the recipient as well.

We may do many things in life for others and never expect anything in return for it. The thing is that many of us may do things for others and we just don’t know what it was able to do for them. In fact, the way that our gift touched their lives could have even changed them from that point forward and, from time to time, it has the ability to come back to us and touch us in return.

That was what happened to the young man in this story. He took part in some charity events and gave a box full of various items to a young girl he had never met before. She lived in the Philippines and after the gift was given, it would be 11 years before things would eventually turn around and come back to reward him for his kindness. Tyrel Wolfe was only 7 years old when he participated in that project with his parents. After filling the show box for the young girl who was around his own age, it was sent off to her.

More than a decade had gone by since that day and he received a friend request from a woman named Joana Marchan. They started messaging on facebook, even though his parents told him to proceed cautiously. As they say, however, that is only part of the story. This video will tell you the rest.