Student Tears Up As The Principal Gives Her Cellphone To The Cop. Then He Notices That Something’s Off

When you are a police officer working for a school, you never quite know what you are going to get into that day. That is especially true when you feel that somebody is lying to you, because it could lead to some very bad results.

Officer Mitch, who works for Heritage High School, was called into the office and told that one of the students had posted a bad video on social media. He braced himself for the worst. When he received the phone and pressed play, it was not what he was expecting and he broke down in tears. The students had put together a special video for him to show him why he was such an important part of the school. When he went outside, he then realized that the surprises were not over.

When the students led the police officer to the stage, they presented him with handwritten thank you notes scribbled on softballs and surprised him with a flash mob that performed his favorite song. You are going to love seeing it all unfold in this video. You can really see the look of surprise on his face and the students certainly did their part. In fact, they put on such a great show that he was overwhelmed with it. Seeing students come together like this is always nice, especially when someone really deserves it. Police officers may need to take on many different responsibilities through the day. You might say that they are going to be asked to wear many hats. Many officers who work for schools do not get the respect they deserve. After watching this video, however, you will know that Officer Mitch is truly appreciated.