Adorable Baby Sneezes But It’s What He Says After That Has The Internet In Stitches

It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, you have to admit that babies can be the cutest things of all time. In fact, it doesn’t matter what they are doing, it just seems as if they get even more adorable. There are many times when adults will stop everything that they are doing in order to simply watch a baby or perhaps to get a quick cuddle.

At one time, you had to be close to a baby in order to enjoy all that they did but now, it is possible to enjoy what they do because of the Internet. One mother took this to the next level when she found out that her young boy had a rather interesting reaction when he would sneeze. That is when she grabbed the phone and start recording. When it was posted online, it went viral and it is easy to see why.

All of us sneeze but babies seem to sneeze more frequently than adults or even toddlers. It is the only way that they have to clear their noses of the irritating particles that enter into the nasal passages.

In addition, after a baby nurses, they are more likely to sneeze as well. One nostril tends to be pushed up against the body of the mother and closes it off, making the sneeze more likely to come.

After the feeding has been completed, the baby will open up the nasal passages by sneezing so it makes it much easier to breathe. It doesn’t matter why they do it, it is absolutely adorable.

Gabriel Jones saw the cuteness of her baby sneeze and her parents heard the young lad say “oh no” so many times after he sneezes, they simply had to capture the reaction.

As soon as the baby sneezes, he looks directly at the camera and says “oh no!” It really is hard not to laugh out loud when you first hear it.

If this baby boy is able to say words at this young of an age, we can only imagine what his future is going to be like.

So far, millions of people have already watched the video of this epic sneeze and his awesome response.

His father posted, “it’s hard not to love this!” if you haven’t seen it, you are going to love it too.

You can see the sneeze in action in this video.