4 Boys Sneak Into An Old Woman’s Yard But When She Grabs Them, The Tears Flow

Life can be difficult when we get older and sometimes, we may find that things we could do when we were younger are almost out of the question. From time to time, we may just need a helping hand regardless of whether it is housework, yard work or anything else that may need done around the home.

Gerry Suttle was a woman who was quite independent when she was younger and she wanted to maintain her independence, even though she was 75 years old. She lives in Riesel, Texas, and she owned a property where she lives and has been there for quite some time. The problem is, there is a law in that area that makes it illegal for grass to get longer than 18 inches. She couldn’t get out to mow her lawn, so problems began occurring.

It wasn’t long before the police noticed that her lawn had grown quite tall and they issued her with a court date in order to press charges. Unfortunately, she never saw the court date notice so she ended up with a warrant being put out for her arrest. As the news continued to spread around town, there were four young boys who knew exactly what they had to do. They brought a lawnmower, gardening tools and snuck inside of the area so that they could take care of the grass and weeds. When other people in the area saw what was taking place, they joined in and the work was finished within just a few hours.

We don’t often get to see this type of kindness in others, but it is quite heartwarming when we do see it. One thing is certain, it touched one older woman’s heart and once you see the video of what they did, it will touch your heart as well.