Dads Share The Load – A Video For The Entire Household

There has been a lot of talk about equality among the sexes, but how far have we really come? If you were to look at most households, you would find that the women took care of the majority of the household chores, such as cleaning, washing the clothes and caring for the children. When you’re a parent, however, it is your responsibility to demonstrate that you are an active part of the household, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

At one time, the man may have come home from work and would have been waited on by the wife but those days have long passed. Many women today work harder and longer hours than husbands, so it would be unfair to expect that same type of treatment after she put it in a difficult day. You wouldn’t want her to have to come home from work and then care for all the chores of the house.

Perhaps many of us remember back to a time when it seemed that the mother was responsible for everything that happened in the home. She would be busy from morning till night, taking care of the children, cleaning and fixing the meals. Most people would agree that times have changed but you might be surprised to learn how little those changes may be. Not only does the woman tend to do the majority of the work in the household, husbands create an average of 7 hours’ worth of work every week. Admittedly, this isn’t something that is true across the board but it is something to keep in mind.

Not only is it your responsibility to share the load, you also need to set a proper example for your children. Children learn by watching the parents behavior, so it is important to erase the old stereotypes now.