Do You Know Someone Who Doesn’t Understand The Word Privilege? They Need To See This Video

It seems as if the concept of privilege is one that many people feel as if they have a good grasp on and it is certainly a hot button issue in recent years. Like many different hot topics, however, it is something that is often misunderstood and many people are not able to apply it properly in their daily lives.

There are some teachers who just have a unique ability to explain something that may seem obvious but is often misunderstood. That was the case with this college professor, who wanted to teach some young children the true meaning of the concept of privilege. He did so in a rather unique way and thanks to the viral effect of the Internet, many other people are also learning from his teaching abilities as well.

So, if you know somebody that uses the word privilege on a frequent basis but just doesn’t seem to grasp the concept, this video should help. Share it with someone you know and help to spread the word. The message is powerful, and it is explained perfectly.

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