Watch This Janitor Teach These Snobby Teenagers A Lesson They Will Never Forget

There are certain professions that are honorable but, at times, they also provoke some negative comments from others. An example of this is the janitorial field that is a good job, pays well and allows a person to support themselves and their family. Unfortunately, many janitors who work of the school systems are also dealing with young children and they can be rather cruel when it comes to their comments and actions.

Admittedly, some people are going to automatically blame the rudeness of teenagers on changing hormones or perhaps upbringing. In reality, it is often associated with peer pressure and sometimes, they will continue to display those rude traits until they are taught a lesson. They were certainly doing their share in giving the janitor a hard time but as they say, turnabout is fair play. The janitor is the one that got the last laugh.

The girls were putting lipstick marks on the mirrors in the bathrooms. It may seem like innocent fun but the janitor would have to stay late every day, just to clean those marks and to get things ready for the next day at school. Finally, he had had enough and decided that he would approach the principal with a rather unique solution. The principal was in his corner and she called a meeting of those young girls so that the janitor could talk to them about the problem in the bathroom.

As you might expect, there was a lot of eye rolling going on as the janitor talked to them about the lipstick marks on the mirrors. In fact, they were even scheming to do it more after the little meeting was over. That is when the janitor turned around and did something that shocked the teenagers so much they will never do it again.