Jimmy Dared Kevin Spacey To Imitate A Famous Actor And He NAILS It!

There is an old saying that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and perhaps that is what Kevin Spacey had in mind when he was on the Jimmy Fallon show. Perhaps you have seen people do imitations in the past and you wonder how they were able to do so in such an accurate way. Spacey was able to do it and it just may amaze you.

Jimmy Fallon is known, not only for his interesting interviews of celebrities but also some of the additional things that he brings to his late-night talkshow. One of those is the Wheel of Impressions skit, and there have been many celebrities who have taken part in this particular aspect of the show. Jimmy brings on the challenge and the celebrity guest attempts to get it as close as they possibly can.

Some of the celebrities have done quite well in imitating other stars. Even Jimmy Fallon is able to do some rather interesting impressions, and perhaps that is why he has the skit on the show. From time to time, however, there is someone who comes on and really takes everyone by surprise. That is certainly what you are going to experience when you see this clip of Kevin Spacey. In fact, it is so popular that it has already attracted millions of views and once you see it, you will know why that is the case.

Kevin Spacey is well known for his acting abilities but it seems as if he is multi talented as well. Those who follow him in his career may have known that he had the ability to do impressions but just wait until you see him do them live. Let me put it this way, once he gets started, it is almost as if he becomes a different person.