Daddy Shows His Daughter And The World How Not To Capture A Spider

There are many things that we might be afraid of in life but something that is common among many people is a fear of spiders. For some, it’s just a matter of not wanting them around in their home, and I certainly have to agree with those individuals. For others, however, the fear runs much deeper and it actually becomes a phobia. This type of phobia, known as arachnophobia, is probably one of the most common types that is experienced.

We consider this to be fair warning to those of you who may have a serious fear of spiders. This video may just freak you out, but it is also going to show you something rather touching in the process. The father in this video is somewhat of a hero, and many of us may feel that way about our father in many areas of life. We look up to him and want to make sure that he is around for us when we need him.

Of course, fathers recognize that their children really look up to them in this way and they will often do what is necessary to put themselves in that position when possible. That is even the case when there is a spider about, including the large spider that is seen in this video. It deals with an Australian father who is giving his daughter a lesson in life and trying to be a hero by removing the spider from the home. As it turns out, however, things don’t exactly work as he would like.

The daughter is taking the video and the father begins to care for the spider in the best way he knows how. Of course, we don’t want to give a spoiler alert, but let’s just say that things don’t go exactly as he expected.