They Are Working On The Roof But When The Music Comes On? Incredible!

What do you typical think of when it is time to get up on the roof and do some work. For homeowners that have a DIY attitude, it may be something that they are willing to tackle but that doesn’t really mean that they are going to be thrilled while they are doing it. In fact, the roof is one part of the home that many people would probably like to avoid.

That isn’t the case with Andrew Wilcox, however, and he is one homeowner that just loves the chance to get up there and do some work. Like many workers, he also enjoys his music but when someone hit the play button, they got more than what they bargained for. Andrew just couldn’t help but feel the music and when what he did hit the internet, it went viral

Andrew started dancing once the music started playing and the internet is going crazy over his dance moves. It only took place for a little under a minute but in that time, he really made himself out to be a viral sensation.

Not only does he put on some awesome moves, it provides a good laugh as well. I don’t know who it was that decided to catch his rooftop performance on video but it ended up on YouTube and all of us can enjoy it now.

In fact, this video is so popular that it has racked up over 1 million views and many of those have taken the time to comment about his awesome dance moves. A roofing contractor even stopped in to say that his workers would have to take dance breaks every once in a while.

Andrew takes some time to travel between the two different roofs doing his moves. Once the belt comes off, the show is on.

I’m certainly not recommending that anyone try these moves on the roof. After all, he is above the ground on the roof when he was doing it.

One of our favorite moves is when he does the hand stand but clicking his heels was a nice touch. I know a lot of people who couldn’t do this at ground level, let alone on the rooftop.

It isn’t long before his friend joins in and then we have 2 different dancers to watch.

The wiggle move that drops the toolbelt is a great way to start but it is his final move that just gets us going.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It looks like Andrew is not a dull person. Check it out in this video