Mom Tells Him He Is Going To Be A Big Brother And His Response Is Classic

Most of us who grew up in a home with brothers and sisters recognize that sibling rivalry is something that is a reality in most households. It seems to start from the time we are quite young and it may have an effect on the home for many years, sometimes even until we are adults.

Although sibling rivalry does exist, our brothers and sisters are also some of the first friends we have and they are going to be there for us through thick and thin from that day forward. In fact, we might not be able to imagine a time when we were not friends with them and even when we get older, we treasure that relationship as being one of the most precious things we have in life. It truly is something amazing to see.

Those emotions are sure to come to the surface when you see this video. It is of a 5 year old boy, who is with his mother in the car. He is strapped in and ready for a ride when she hands him a piece of paper. When he finds out that it is actually news that he is going to have a little brother, he truly can’t contain his excitement. In fact, he gets so excited about the news that he smiles from ear to ear. It is difficult to see this young lad smiling and not smile along with him.

There are certain things that just have the ability to make us happy. This is one of those videos that is sure to hit you right in the feels. After watching this video and how happy this young boy is for having a brother, you might just want to pick up the phone and call your brother as well.