Flower Girl Is Looking Through The Audience For A Familiar Face But Wait Till She Sees Who’s Coming

There are many things that we may enjoy about going to a wedding but sometimes, it is the little moments that really make a difference. We realize that the focus is on the bride and groom but there are a lot of other people who take part of the wedding, sometimes without much mention. Keeping your eye on them can certainly make you enjoy the wedding even more.

One of the adorable parts of any wedding is when the flower girl comes walking down the aisle. They will often get a young family member and dress her up perfectly but when she actually makes the walk, you never quite know what is going to happen. So many people are looking in her direction and sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming.

That was what this little girl experienced as she took those steps down the aisle. When she got near to the destination, however, she suddenly stopped.

It seemed as if she was finished with what she was doing, even though she didn’t quite arrive. She looked at the camera with a little uncertainty in her eyes and the entire family was shooting video.

What happened next captured the attention of everyone and certainly touched their hearts.

Her father was holding his arms out and it completely changed the look in the little girl’s eyes. Her eyes were absolutely alive at that moment and the entire crowd loved it.

Everyone was so thankful that they were able to catch the special moment on camera. The bride and groom were the focus of the wedding but for just a moment, this little girl stole the show.

This little video is so adorable and it is easy to see why it went viral. She did a good job, considering the fact that many flower girls never make it to the altar.

There are times, however, when the young children enjoy being in the spotlight and they end up putting on a show that is unforgettable.

This little girl came down the aisle with a singular goal. There was someone waiting at the end for her.

She did look to the side on occasion to what was taking place along the way and nobody could resist taking a picture of this little girl.

It only took two simple words and she started running. She couldn’t wait to get to the end of the aisle.

The little girl may be shy but she stole everyone’s heart that day. You can see everything happen in this video.