A Military Band Plays Christmas Music But Keep Your Eyes On The Man With The Yellow Scarf

Christmas means different things to different people but perhaps the one thing that tends to unite everyone is the music. It typically starts playing sometime at the beginning of November and by the end of December, that seems to be all that we hear. It plays in the stores, on the radio and even in our homes in many cases.

Of course, we all have a favorite Christmas song or two and when we hear them performed, they just seem to send chills down our spine. That was probably the case for those who were there to hear the United States Navy Band singing this Christmas classic. They have been performing for almost a century now, playing at many important events, from funerals to Presidential inaugurations. This particular performance, however, was one that really showed how talented they were.

The band singing Christmas carols has become a tradition that is repeated every year. The show is family friendly and people of all ages turn out to hear them perform.

For this performance, they are in the Washington Navy Yard, located in Washington DC. It is often the place where people come to hear music, from jazz to rock and roll. The Navy band is made up of a number of different ensembles, and one of them was on hand to sing this day.

The sea chanters chorus was on stage this day and they are quite talented.

There are more than 200 musicians in the group, from enlisted men to officers and as they stood at Constitutional Hall, they sang White Christmas in a way that got everyone’s attention.

This show sold out early and there were many who were not able to see it. Fortunately, they can watch it in this video.

The solders are wearing their formal uniforms but when this song started, they had on sunglasses and colorful scarves. It is a lot of fun to watch.

If you haven’t heard them perform, you are in for a treat. It is in this amazing video: