Robert Downey Jr Gets Shy When He Has To Sing With Sting. But When He Begins? My Jaw Hit The Floor!

Regardless of whether you tend to follow the life of celebrities or not, you are going to hear about some of the celebrities in passing. At times, it may be because they do something good and people are talking about what a nice individual they are. At other times, it is because they do something scandalous and it seems as if people just can’t stop passing that information around. Love it or hate it, it’s something that all of us have to deal with regularly.

One of those celebrities that has seen his fair share of the public spotlight is Robert Downey Junior. Throughout his lifetime, he has seen good times and bad times, but through it all, he has maintained a colorful outlook and presence, to say the least. In more recent years, he seems to have turned a corner that is good for him and for his fans, and even that has put him back in the spotlight as well.

It doesn’t matter how famous somebody happens to be, there is always something that is going on under the surface that we may not recognize. In some cases, they have hidden talents that they don’t show too many people but when you do see them, it is absolutely incredible. That is the case with Robert Downey Junior, and he is on hand to celebrate Sting’s 60th birthday. It is an event that he is sure to remember and when you see this video, you will remember it as well.

Sting invites many people up on stage, including Billy Joel, Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen. It might surprise many people that Robert Downey Junior is also invited to sing with this superstar. Although he is well-known for his acting and his lifestyle, this video shows that he has a hidden talent that is well worth looking into.