This Frightened Owl Is Trapped But Watch What Happens When He Is Freed

There are many amazing things that happen around us on a daily basis. Some of them are easy to see but others may exist somewhat under the surface. When you really stop to take a look at some, however, you may just be amazed with the kindness that some people show. In fact, there are events that happen that can strengthen your faith in humanity again.

Craig Loving is a man who heard about a great horned owl that was trapped at a pond on a golf course. Rather than simply looking the other way, he jumped into the water and went out to help the bird that was struggling to hang on to life. It is amazing what we hear things like this, and to actually see it is even more amazing.

This owl had been entangled in some fishing wire and his foot was stuck fast. Craig knew that he had to move quickly but he was also aware of how cautious he had to be during this delicate situation as well. It turns out, the owl had actually been there for a night and a day by the time two of the employees at the golf course had recognized that he was having a difficulty. There weren’t any wildlife rescue professionals available but Craig came along and save the day on his own. Thanks to his efforts, this owl was able to live to see another day and the local country club is praising his efforts.

We can really learn a lesson from this man’s interest in wildlife and his desire to help out. Rather than waiting and watching things unfold to the detriment of this beautiful bird, he stepped up to the plate and as a result, he became a true hero.