This Cockatoo Is Given A Broccoli Diet And He Reacts In A Surprising Way

Most parents recognize just how difficult it can be to get children to eat something healthy. If it were up to them, they would dine on a steady diet of macaroni and cheese or pizza. From time to time, we might try to get something healthy on the plate but if it is too obvious, they are likely to reject it with extreme prejudice. That is especially the case when it comes to broccoli.

This video shows something rather interesting, especially for those who love their children and also love animals. If you thought it was just human children who had those opinions about broccoli, you are about to be amazed. The bird in this video not only hates the green stuff, he even goes out of his way to make a big deal about just how much he hates it.

The bird in this video is Eric the cockatoo. He is rather famous online, not only because he is adorable but because he is a bird with a serious attitude. When Eric has an opinion on something, regardless of what it is, he is not afraid to let people know about it. That is clear to see when his human mother puts a small bowl of broccoli in front of him and he tosses it off of the table, not once, but three times! In fact, he even ends up showing his distaste for the vegetable in the most amazing way before it is all over.

Birds are some of the most amazing creatures. When it comes to cockatoos, they are also amazing, not only in their abilities but in their intelligence as well. That is going to become quite clear to you when you see this video, even if Eric is being somewhat of a brat.