Sweet Little Bird Makes A Mess But His Response Makes Him Mom Crack Up Laughing

There are many different types of animals we might call pets. Some of them include dogs and cats, and those are probably what comes to mind first. There are also many other types of pets, however, that could find their way into our homes. Birds are a good example and when you see them in action, you realize just how much they can bring to our lives.

The little bird in this video is a Lutino Indian Ringneck and his name is Bowie. It seems as if he has gotten into his mother’s makeup and she is trying her best to scold him for it. The only problem is, every time she tries to tell the bird about it, he stops her in her tracks with a single word. He keeps telling her to smile.

It doesn’t matter what type of animal you have in your family, they are going to have a large piece of your heart. Sometimes, it is hard to even get angry with them because we love them so much. We might be frustrated over something they did wrong but it only takes a single look or perhaps for them to roll over and before you know it, you have completely forgotten what they did wrong. It seems that dogs and cats are not the only ones who have that ability, as you are about to see. This little bird obviously has his mom right where he wants her.

There is just something about animals that we all seem to love. They can quickly come into our lives and take over our hearts from that point forward. This little bird is a prime example. When you hear him telling his mom to smile, you won’t be able to stop smiling as well.