An Injured Dolphin Shocks Divers When He Approaches Them For Help

There is no doubt that animals are absolutely amazing and the more that we learn about them, the more we understand that we still have a lot to learn. Sometimes, animals are right by our side as is the case with our beloved dog or cat. At other times, they are wild creatures that rarely ever approach humans on their own. From time to time, however, those wild creatures need a helping hand as well.

When you have the hobby of diving, there are certain things that can really make it well worth your while. That is especially true when you see something that very few other people have ever seen in their life. The diver in this video is certainly getting an experience that he will treasure for many years to come. Thanks to the video, you will be able to treasure it as well.

It happened when Keller Laros was on a night dive near Hawaii. It was rather dark under the water, and he had plenty of light available but it was what he saw next that really took him by surprise. He was approached by a bottlenose dolphin and that dolphin needed a little bit of human interaction. You see, he had gotten caught in a fishing line and his left pectoral fin had become entangled in the line so it was wrapped to his body. Fortunately, the divers were there to help the dolphin and they were able to record it for all of us to see.

There are times when we see something that is absolutely amazing and this is certainly one of those times. It shows just how intelligent those dolphins are and just how loving a human can be when they want to lend a helping hand.