A Little Donkey Goes Toe To Toe With 5 Giant Clydesdales And He Responds Perfectly

Like many people, you probably remember the story about the Little Engine That Could from your childhood. It is not a story about a train necessarily, it is about coming up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles and giving everything you got in order to accomplish the impossible. Many of us have lived by those words in the story the majority of our lives.

This video is about another little engine that could, but it is not a train, it is a donkey that is up against a difficult to achieve goal. You see, ever since he was a baby, he had a dream and it is a dream that is seemingly impossible for any donkey to achieve. He had the dream of becoming a Clydesdale horse, and he did what he could in order to achieve it.

Throughout his life, he would do everything he possibly could to live up to the image of a Clydesdale. He would practice his special walk that only Clydesdales have and he would even practice by pulling a cart with some Budweiser in the back. Perhaps one of the more interesting things that he did was to try some hair extensions on his legs, which did look strangely as if he was a Clydesdale. Yes, he lived his life like the little engine that could and then came the big day when he stood before giant Clydesdale horses for an interview that would change his life.

It isn’t really the fact that this donkey felt that he could be a Clydesdale, it was how he responded to those Clydesdales during the interview. In the end, you will be surprised with what happens and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say you’ll be cheering out loud.