Katy Perry Joins James Corden In A Revealing Clip Of Carpool Karaoke

There are any number of different late-night talk shows that we might enjoy and some of them are going to have some rather interesting options to offer. Of course, you always have the candid interviews with various guests who are trying to further their career but from time to time, they also have an enjoyable segment that is both unique and funny.


When it comes to those unique and funny segments on late-night television, you would have a difficult time beating what James Corden brings to the table. It seems as if he is always doing something with his guests that is unusual. That is especially the case when it comes to carpool karaoke, perhaps one of the most famous late-night skits of all time. I’m sure that you have seen it before, but this time he goes over the top.

Since he started carpal karaoke, Corden has had many different guess, some of which were genuine superstars. Katy Perry is no different and she joins him in singing a number of her songs, including Swish Swish, Firework and Dark Horse. It isn’t only the singing that catches our eye, however, it’s also the fact that he does an interview with Perry as well. During that interview she even talks about her issues with Taylor Swift and she reveals something rather interesting, it seems as if Taylor started the whole thing!


It’s interesting that Perry goes on to say that she is ready to put the whole thing behind her and to rekindle the friendship. It was an interesting ride around the city and one that we are sure you are going to appreciate watching and listening to.