This Video Is Going To Change The Way You Look At Dogs Forever

As we move through our lives, there are many things about creation that we come to appreciate. Perhaps we ponder these things when we look out over a scenic overlook or when we take in the beauty of a sunset. Although those are fantastic ways to enjoy creation, there is something else that not only touches our mind, it touches our heart.


I’m speaking about dogs and there is perhaps not another creation on the face of this earth that touches us more closely than this beloved animal. It seems as if they were made specifically for us, and there is no doubt that we love when they are by our side. Perhaps you have some questions about why dogs were created and this video tries to address some of those questions for you.

This is not a video about religion, nor does it address some of the specifics about creation that you might expect at first glance. What it does, however, is takes a look at this beloved animal and what they mean too many of us who are blessed enough to have one in our home. Regardless of whether it is a companion dog that simply sits on our lap and allows us to scratch them behind the ears or if it is a service dog that helps someone with a disability to lead their lives a little bit easier, there is no doubt that this animal is one that is there for us through thick and thin.


If you have a dog, you are going to instantly see why this video is touching so many hearts. If you do not yet have a dog in your family, it may just be the thing that convinces you that it is the best choice you could possibly make.