A Camera Is Hidden In A Bucket Of Water To See Who Comes By For A Drink. The Results Are Amazing

We often tend to look at life without really having any type of different perspective than what we have while standing upright. The fact of the matter is, however, there are things that change from time to time and when we stop to take a look at the world in an unusual way, we might just be surprised with how fantastic it really is.


In this video, you get to see a variety of desert creatures that are filmed as they approach a water bucket to quench their thirst. It doesn’t matter whether it is a chicken, a rabbit, a donkey or even some bees, it is amazing at exactly how many of them make an appearance. It is easy to see why this video has gone viral.

When John Wells picked up stakes and moved from New York to the middle of nowhere, he decided to live off the grid. He set up a rather unusual experiment, in which he hid a camera in a bucket of water and simply waited to see what type of animals would come by to get a drink. One of the creatures that came by was George, a rabbit that he is familiar with and one he knows because of the notch in his ear. For those of you who are wondering, the swimming bees from this video were also rescued.


Many of us live a life that is quite tied into the grid admit there is something to be said for living a simple lifestyle. That is what John decided to do but he shares something with us from his experiences that really makes us stop to think.